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Vladimír Juroško profilová fotkaWelcome to my blog!

My name is Vladimír Juroško and I’m a 31-year WordPress programmer from Slovakia. I’ve been working with this CMS system for over 10 years. In the meantime, I have gained a lot of experience that I want to share with you on this blog. If necessary, ask me via the Advisory Service (preferred contact) or in the case of a private matter write me an email to vladimir.jurosko@gmail.com.

From my private life– I currently live with my wife in Bratislava and we have great joy in our one-year-old son Teo :). In addition to learning programming and WordPress, I like to read about self-development and online business. As a relaxation, I like reading fantasy books or going to nature.

Graduate of programming courses (I recommend)

Graduate of engineering studies

IT blogger nominee

Mensa certificate - final IQ 140 🙂

Collaboration with digital agency NetSuccess

Ex-employee of a multinational IT company

Microsoft certificated SQL database administrator

Microsoft Certifikát


Co-organizer WordCamp Bratislava 2019

Media partner WordCamp Brno 2019

Media partner WordCamp Košice 2019

Mikrosponzor WordCamp Praha 2019

Participant of the WordCamp Praha 2018

Participant of the WordCamp Bratislava 2018

Participant of the WordCamp Bratislava 2017

Participant of the WordCamp Praha 2017

Participant of the WordCamp žilina 2016

Participant of the WordCamp Praha 2016

Participant of the WordPress Meetups Bratislava


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