How to add Google Analytics to WooCommerce

Google Analytics is a service that allows you to track website traffic and visitor behavior. Such information is especially important if you run WooCommerce e-commerce. Their proper use will bring you not only increased site traffic but also profits.

How to add Google Analytics to WooCommerce

Advanced tracking for WooCommerce can be carried out using MonsterInsights plugin and eCommerce addon.

What does MonsterInsights allow for WooCommerce?

The role of MonsterInsights is to inform the e-commerce operator of any information that the store owner is interested in. You will have the following at hand:

  1. traffic and conversion rate data
  2. transaction, revenue, and average order data
  3. product popularity data
MonsterInsights eCommerce report
MonsterInsights Purchase Statistics
  1. it also provides detailed information about the amount of goods added to the cart and the amount of goods removed from the cart
MonsterInsights-pridané a odobrané z košíka
Added and removed from the cart
  1. important information about the performance of your products and their categories when planning your product range, as well as product impression and so on.
MonsterInsights výkonnosť produktov
Product performance
  1. you also get information about the performance of tags and categories relevant to your business,
  2. you can also track coupon code performance and the like,
  3. you will find out which business partners are making the largest or most frequent orders.
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Stats for WooCommerce plugin

Google Analytics tracking statistics will provide you with more detailed and more specific information such as tracking sales statistics with reports available directly from the WooCommerce plugin.

Google Analytics helps you understand the behaviour of your site visitors. If you run e-commerce, you can use these information to increase your profits. You will be able to view all information about shopping behaviour of store visitors directly in the e-commerce administration.

Based on them, you will not only be able to focus on the goods that interest customers most. This will help you when setting up Google ads in terms of region or time. And also to improve the design and content of the e-commerce.

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How to add Google Analytics to WooCommerce

There are only three simple steps to add Google Analytics to WooCommerce. This will allow you to see Google Analytics statistics right in your e-commerce administration.

Advanced tracking for e-commerce is available thanks to MonsterInsights plugin and eCommerce addon. This way you link your online store to Google Analytics. Here’s how:

First of all, you install MonsterInsights plugin as described in How to install Google Analytics in WordPress.

Next, you’ll need to set up tracking directly in Google Analytics. To enable e-commerce tracking, sign in to Google Analytics and select the right website. Advanced tracking for e-commerce is allowed by the first choice, as shown in the picture.

nastavenie Google Analytics pre WooCommerce
Setting up Google Analytics for WooCommerce

This step is followed by the installation of the eCommerce addon. Go to Insights ›Addons in the e-commerce administration. Click here to install MonsterInsights eCommerce addon.

Inštalácia eCommerce addon
Installation of eCommerce addon

After installation, click Activate. Now the MonsterInsights plugin with eCommerce addon is ready to track your e-commerce statistics.

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